RYTLY was founded in 2019 by Mohammed Urus, a young and ambitious guy who knew he had a bigger purpose in life. A purpose that brings individuals who feel like they don’t belong, closer. Passionate about fashion he decided to start his own brand, a brand that represents equality and acceptance. With his brand, he wants to create a safe place for people with all skin tones, genders, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, etc. He focuses on the people who feel like they are less because of their identity. These people feel secluded from society and tend to not chase their wildest dreams, so they settle for less. Mohammed wants to encourage those people to go and chase their dreams, regardless of their identity. Everybody deserves to feel royal!


Mohammed himself has also struggled with equality and acceptance in his life but he managed to push through and make his wildest dreams come true. He always dreamed of having a brand that represented everyone in the world. A brand that encourages people, to live their best lives and to achieve everything they want. The whole purpose of RYLTY is to give you the right confidence in life, to motivate you and to teach you that if you work hard enough, you’ll get there.


‘RYLYTY is a reflection of your wildest dreams, coming to life. Don’t let anything hold you back to be who you want to be. We’re all equal! Your identity shouldn’t stop you from being your true self. Just own it, be who you are because we’re all unique in our own ways! It might sound a bit cliché: but you do only live once. You have one chance in this lifetime to become whatever you want and to do whatever you like. If you’re privileged enough to decide what you want to do in this world, you should! How hard you work for it without anybody letting you feel less than you are, is up to you.

So let’s all wear our confidence and feel ROYAL!’